Where in Hemp do you want to go?

We can help from propagation to raw material sales


Genetics begins all of it. We can help in identifying strains/cultivars, and obtain the seeds or clones you prefer.


We have grown industrial and cannabinoid hemp utilizing most contemporary and several unconventional methods in every grow zone in Florida. Inside and out.

Finding a Home

You should never plant a crop until you have a home for it. We help Identify demanding markets and arrange the contract.

about us

Knowledge, Experience, and Rectitude.

We have over thirty years experience in government policy and regulations.

Since 2018 we have move from activism to action and concentrated on the industrial side of hemp.

We certainly have the knowledge and ability to help you create a CBD business but we focus on developing the industrial applications of this plant.

Our goal is to build a sustainable multi-generational industrial hemp industry in the State of Florida and anywhere else in the world that recognizes the benefits and needs the direction to get to where they want in Industrial Hemp.

what hemp offers

Unlimited Potential

The only limitation to revitalizing industrial hemp and its 50,000+ uses is government restrictions.



Until 1937 Hemp was a natural supplement and food additive to many of our commercially produced products. It is a super food with some of the highest Omega 3,6, and 9 compounds found in plants.


Fiber and Hurd

Fiber is the outside of the stalk and hurd is the inside. These two components of the plant make 10,000s of products from textiles to building materials and several surprising applications in-between.



Multiple types of fuels can be derived from the hemp plant. Ethanol, BioDiesel, and several bio mass produced fuels can utilize different parts of the plant for a feedstock.

Bio Remediation

Hemp is a natural and safe remediator for all sorts or environmental issues and disasters

Looking for Hemp Products?

We source quality hemp products from all over the world. From virgin seed oil to industrial fabrications if it can be made from a cloth, plastic, oil, or wood it can likely be made and is being made from hemp.

Want to Work with Hemp?

A shared job posting for employers and seekers in the cannabis and hemp markets.

Coming Soon!


Our Projects

A couple of our on going endeavors…


A Florida Non for Profit corporation registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 with a mission to educate about and remediate the algae bloom crisis found in fresh waters around the world.

  • No Chemicals
  • No Disruptive Mechanics
  • Most Effective and Economical

Diesel Seeds

Hemp can make fuel in a variety of ways but the most efficient is bio diesel.

  • Biodegradable
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Renewable and Cleaner Energy

Nectar Del Sol

A mobile hemp juice bar and patient lounge – Under Construction

  • Fresh Process
  • Patient Sanctuary

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Our team

Adam Heidecke

African Lead

A serial world traveler that has settled into working with the indigenous developments in and near South Africa. Our first project will be a bio diesel facility.

Steve Edmonds


Steve has been teaching people about the possibilities of hemp since 1992. He also founded Hemp4Water® and owns National Hemp and is a partner in Nectar Del Sol.

Steve Sarich

Asian Lead

Our very own OG, Steve has been working on the front lines of cannabis and hemp revival since the late 60’s and currently resides in Thailand.

The hemp vine

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